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New Test Method for Qualifying Consistency of Soft Solid Dips


Soft solid dips can offer popular flavor-enhancing additives when used to coat various
baked goods and vegetables to improve taste.
Chips and veggie sticks immersed into a bowl of hummus, for example,
give the consumer not only a new sensation for mouth feel, but also a source of
added nourishment made possible by the chick peas. Hummus is a Middle Eastern food usually
served as an appetizer, dip, or spread.

of hummus is important to control in order to ensure that the dipping action
for fragile items, like a potato or corn chip, is successful. The chip in particular must remain in one
piece and not break apart when dipped.
The hummus must have sufficient adhesive characteristic to stick to the
chip and not fall off.

measurement of humus is the physical test parameter that has traditionally
quantified consistency. Use of the T-bar
spindle with a bench top viscometer, as shown in Figure 1, has given a
scientific number in units of centipoises.
Today texture analyzers are being used to measure hummus because they
provide an equally effective, but more efficient, means to characterize hummus
consistency, while providing the added capability to quantify

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