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Combi Flash Rf Purification System


The next step in automated purification.

Step up to automated, error-free Flash and Medium
Pressure Liquid Chromatography with the CombiFlash Rf system and RediSep Rf

•Speed – New RediSep Rf columns can take back
pressures up to 200 psi. This means you can run the CombiFlash Rf system at its
fullest potential — higher flow rates without backpressure problems.

•Performance – RediSep Rf columns are packed tightly
to eliminate performance-robbing voids and cracks.

•Reliability – RediSep Rf columns work the same way
every time. Your separation will run the same tomorrow as it does today.

•Compatibility – RediSep Rf columns are compatible
with most flash chromatography instruments on the market. However, CombiFlash
Rf system users will see the greatest productivity gains.

The CombiFlash Rf system and RediSep Rf columns use
RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, making them some of the most
intelligent tools in your lab. Insert a RediSep Rf column in the CombiFlash Rf
system and the system knows the column size and media type. Using the same
technology, the system knows the collection tube size. It also knows when a
solvent reservoir is running low, and when the waste container is almost full.
It knows, it adjusts — and lets you know — so that you can focus on doing
chemistry, not on supervising your lab instrumentation to ensure the safety of
your precious samples.

Even more impressive, CombiFlash Rf system packs all
of this helpful intelligence into the most space-saving and ergonomic design of
any automated flash chromatography system.

CombiFlash systems have the broadest range of
detection options so you won't miss a compound. Internal detector options
include UV, UV-vis, and All-wavelength. For compounds that don't absorb light
in the UV or UV-vis spectra, add Teledyne Isco's optional 340CF Evaporative
Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) module. CombiFlash systems also accept a 0-1
volt signal from any external detector module.

To see how CombiFlash Rf and RediSep Rf will take your
organic purification to new levels of speed, performance, and reliability, have
a look at the virtual tour. Then use the convenient "Tell me more"
link to request the follow-up you would like from us.

CombiFlash Rf Virtual

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100 seconds. Requires Flash Player plug-in.)

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