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Fusion TOC Total Carbon Analyzer


Fusion-en ny TOC-analysator från Teledyne Tekmar för analys av vatten med låga halter organiskt kol.Förutom TOC mäts även NPOC, IC och POC.Fusion levereras med ny patentera detektorteknologi kallad "Static Pressure Concentration" eller SPC.

Fusion TOC kolanalysator med "walk-away" automation och intuitivt gränssnitt The Fusion utilizes powerful UV Persulfate oxidation allowing superior carbon liberation from even the most challenging matrixes. By implementing the patent-pending Static Pressure Concentration (SPC) technology, the Fusion is able to achieve unprecedented low-end sensitivity from a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) detector. The Fusion is built on the latest technology and is designed to offer productivity for a wide variety of applications.

The Fusion and TekLink Software offer solutions for increased sample throughput while improving the reliability of the TOC analysis data. A few of the features that provide increased ease of use are:

  • Unattended auto-calibration monitoring
  • Automatic diluting capabilities from stock standards or samples
  • Automated self-diagnostic tools
  • 21 CFR 11 functionality - Electronic Records and
  • Electronic Signatures (ERES) including audit trails and user-account management
  • Exportable reports in user-definable formats including metadata and versioning
  • Turn-key method development and schedule builder

SPC Technology for Superior Sensitivity and Performance

During the TOC analysis, organic carbon is oxidized by a powerful, newly designed UV reaction chamber. Carrier gas sweeps the CO from the sample to the detector. An exit valve from the detector is closed to capture all the CO in one measurement. Then, the CO is evacuated from the detector cell.

The overall advantage of the SPC detection technology is the fact that the complete TOC reaction is measured at one time within the detector cell. This technique eliminates the inherent error associated with other detector technologies.

Läs mer om Fusion TOC här: Fusion TOC

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