Brookfield DV2T "Touch Screen" Viscometer

DV2TBad 240x160Brookfield new DV2T with 7 inch touch screen and a user friendly interface.
- Coaxial cylinder geometry or cone-plate geometry      
- Models LV, RV, HA and HB for diverse viscosity ranges 
- NEW! Optional RheocalcT
- Options with cylindrical geometry:- Durable ball bearing suspension (RV, HA and HB models)
- EZ-Lock spindle coupling system


Brookfield model DV2T well as DV3T with touchscreen is a new generation viscometers and rheometers which is a further development of Brookfields most popular models DV II and DV III. By combining industristadard technology with a modern 5-inch touchscreen facilitated measurements through new software and an efficient user interface that offers new programming opportunities and analysis of results including average calculations and "QC limits" with alarm.Test data can be directly printed on a local printer or sent to PC. The new interface also provides possibillities of different user levels with password for compliance with regulatory requirements such as CFR Part 11. Brookfield Rheometer DV3T offers all the fine qualities that DV2T but with further powerful tools. The 7-inch touchscreen displays comfortably viscosity measurement with temperature control, yield stress determination and "on-screen" computer graphics and analysis. This fully automatic viscometer also allows fast and easy single-point test. DV3T is the natural choice for R & D departments as well as large QC lab.