PressureSyn, New High Pressure Reactor 125ml

HPReactor300x233Pressure Syn E-HPR-125 is a new cost effective High Pressure reactor with safety build in. The easy to open clamp mechanism is a unique Safety Key designed by chemists and engineers at the University of Nottingham. This feature does not allow the vessel cover to be removed without first releasing any residual pressure.

General specifications are:

  • Features unique safety key & locking clamp
  • Standard safety features include a double pressure relief system, including bursting disk and pressure relief valve.
  • New- Now certified  and rated to maximum pressure of 200 bar and tested up to 400 bar.
  • Certified and rated to maximum temperature of 200°C.
  • 125ml capacity reactor vessel
  • PressureSyn fits a standard laboratory hotplate using a DrySyn Adapter Plate for enhanced temperature transfer with temperature Control via PT100
  • Agitation via magnetic flea