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ReatoMate Jackeded Reactor System with baffles

ReactoMate302 260x212The ReactoMate Laboratory and Pilot reactor system

ReactoMate offers precise control of reaction variables, a powerful direct drive overhead stirrer and excellent reaction visibility with the vacuum jacket option.The ReactoMate Compact from Asynt is a safe and super-stable laboratory and pilot plant reaction system. Complementing the ReactoMate Standard and Super Support systems, the new Compact model accommodates jacketed reactors from a few liter and up to 30 literers precise control of reaction variables to mimic conditions in much larger plant vessels.

The ReactoMate Compact is constructed using stainless steel components for excellent stability and the standard operating temperature range is -60ºC to 190ºC. Larger vessels, 3-30 liter can be supported at the bottom as well as at the top for superior strength and safety.

Set-up is simple and the space-saving design ensures that the unit takes up as little space as possible in a standard fume cupboard while providing convenient access to the reaction vessel. The facility to adjust height during operation means that additions can be made easily and space is allowed for draining the vessel contents.

The ReactoMate Compact is part of a comprehensive system which includes stand, a choice of single and double jacketed vessels (glass, steel, Hastelloy or PTFE), and ancillary equipment. Heating/cooling circulators are available to match customer specifications and overhead stirrers with flexible coupling options can also be provided.

The ReactoMate CLR reaction systems are fully customisable to the users requirements with an extensive range of options.  Just as an example, we would offer a PTFE lid with a variety of ports/fittings as standard but we can make a custom lid to suit your specific needs from PTFE or glass.  The flange can be altered to suit, as well as side arms and valves, of course, as just a few things that can be customised at your request.

One of the problematic issues associated with reaction vessel set up is the cumbersome and, often dangerous, scaffolding supporting the unit. Support frames often have bars at the front and sides this can lead to problematic access to reactor and potential fracturing of glassware if exchanging vessels.

The NEW ReactoMate-Pilot Super Support (RSS) system from Asynt provides a simple, straightforward and easy way to support your jacketed reactor any size up to 30,000 ml. Made from highly chemical resistant materials the RSS makes access to your reactor much more manageable. With a compact footprint and lifting mechanism (Easy raising/lowering of vessels with one hand, even 30,000 ml!) it makes it an excellent space saver in the fumehood. Contact us to arrange a demo in your laboratory.

To make it easy to get up and running from scratch with a ReactoMate-Pilot we are now offering packages including everything you need. Ask us about the NEW ReactoMate-Pilot complete package

To complement the ReactoMate products, we offer a wide choice of compatible circulators from the Julabo range.  The Julabo CF41 for example will cool a 1L reaction in a ReactoMate single jacketed vessel down to -20oC.

Our team of experts will work in close cooperation with you to ensure that you get the exact product required, to the highest standard.

Find out more about how Innovative Physical Organic Solutions (IPOS), consultants in the  complexities associated with optimising and scaling-up laboratory processes

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