LyoStar III with control Lyo

LyoStar240x160The LyoStar3 is designed to meet the needs  of R&D professionals. Our freeze drying equipment is used for  applications ranging from process development for scale-up to product  processing for stability studies to formulations work.

The LyoStar 3 us a Floor Model Tray/Pilot Lyophilizer from Sp scientific. This machine is used for applications that involves product processing for stability studies to creating formulations. This freeze dryer delivers the ideal process accuracy, reliability, and easy-to-use features. The LyoStar  has a Type T thermocouple-controlled shelf temperature that generates an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C, and a vacuum control with a 0.1% set point. This system is installed with a 5.5 hp cascade refrigeration mechanism that allows shelf pull down to -40° in less than half an hour. It also has reliable scroll compressors that has 3 moving parts.


The LyoStar is an R&D and process  development freeze-dryer that provides unmatched process accuracy,  reliability and unique ease-of-use features. The LyoStar features Type T thermocouple-controlled shelf temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C or better and  vacuum control within 0.1% of set-point. Its robust 5.5 hp cascade  refrigeration system enables shelf pull down from ambient to –40°C in  less than 25 minutes, and the ultra-reliable scroll compressors feature  just 3 moving parts.  

LyoStar3 is available with Praxair ControLyo™ Nucleation on Demand  Technology.  To learn how you can control the nucleation step in freeze  drying view our articles and technical papers on ControLyo Nucleation.


Key Features


  • SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology helps automate and shorten the development of freeze-drying cycles
  • Delivers product information that has previously been unavailable during a cycle - dried layer resistance, heat flow and mass transfer
  • Designed to facilitate scale up bu maximizing features in comon with well-designed commercial systems
  • Configured with superior instrumentation for complete process information - isolation valve, capacitance manometers, Pirani gauge, 16 thermocouples, Allen Bradley PLC
  • Available with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and full validation packages


Key Benefits


  • Substantially decrease cycle development time and conserves valuable API
  • Delivers increased process information such as how different freezing protocols impact cake resistance
  • More easily transfer cycles to larger systems
  • Maximizes process control, repeatablility
  • Meets even the most stringent QA requirements