Portable Particle Counter CI-x70

NextGen Portable Particle Counter CI-x70 Series

cix70 1The Smallest and Lightest Portable Counter available. BioPharmaceutical grade, an 6-channel instrument with a built-in printer,
pdf reports, and the most advanced technology and features ensures the highest level of accuracy and repeatability of measurement.

• Industrial Grade Design: 1m drop and vibration tested, and passed calibration!

• Print or PDF reports for ISO 14644:2015, GMP, and FS 209e with sample data filtering

(filter sample data by dates, etc.)

• User Integrity Audit Trail

• New Ultra Quiet and Ultra clean blower technology

• DISPLAY: New Color LCD (cellphone-type) touch screen (pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll)

• Battery: Single Lithium-Ion that last longer than competitors’ dual battery configuration.

• Sample Data Storage: Up to a million samples, or more!

• User IDs: 100 and factory expandable upon request!

• Location IDs: 100 and factory expandable upon request!

• Programs/Recipes: 100 and factory expandable upon request!

• Light Ring: User configurable status and alarms (enable/disable, 5-colors, patterns, etc.)

• HEPA Filter certified to ISO Class 3

• 21 CFR Part 11 Certified

• Flow Rates of 1 CFM, 50 LPM, 75 LPM, or 100 LPM

• Stainless Steel Enclosure

• Pharmaceutical Grade Stainless Steel enclosure at only 9.4 Lbs. with battery installed!

• Dimensions: 8.38” x 7.4” x 9.48” (only 587.9 cubic inches!)

• Fully integrated thermal printer and battery charger!

• Simplified Unit-to-Unit Cloning technology

• Security: 5-Levels with user authentication

• Network Time Server synchronization – Another New Innovation in Portable Particle Counters!